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every even minute row at the top of the odd minute switch to AMRAP 5 push ups 10 situps.

Continue until you have rowed 2,500 meters.


Breakfast: Protein shake mixed with water
Lunch: Beef Stew
Dinner: Beet salad with a side of grilled chicken (cheese cake factory)

So many people think they can’t eat out or enjoy what they had while eating a Paleo life style sure you might have to pass on the free bread or cheese but it’s can be pretty simple if you keep your goals in mind.

Stew Recipe:
pot roast
small bag of carrots
chopped up sweet potatoes with skin
1 can of tomato paste (check ingredients normally the generic brands are better at not adding extra ingredients)
rosemary and thyme sprinkled to cover a thin layer over the top
enough water to cover bottom of crackpot

Add all ingredients to crock pot and put on low for 6-8 hours. I never really measure a recipe like this I just add what looks pleasing as I go. You can’t really go wrong. This is something my kids love and you’ll have plenty of left overs for days.


Paleo Challange

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The box I work at is doing a Paleo challenge. The time of year we all gain extra pounds we don’t want. ¬†Below you will find the details. I will be modifying it a little and using a protein supplement once a day at most.

Here is the Paleo 30 day challenge!
It will start Tuesday November 17th and end December 16th.
Here are the guidelines:
1. No refined sugars, no bread, white potatoes, and corn
2. Eat whole foods, lean meats, fruits and vegetables.
3. Saturday there will be a Benchmark workout that must be done.
4. On your own take before pictures and measurements.
(arm, waist, hip, and thigh)
5. Get a partner. If you need help finding one please let a coach
*Thanksgiving will be a free day
*Be smart about cheats!
The prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be LULU GIFT CARDs!

Today I will take before and after pictures..EEK…and measurements. Who wants to join in the fun?